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Tuesday 3 October 2023

British Camel Corps

As regular readers may have spotted I've become a bit obsessed with expanding by Mahdist wars forces ever since it started as a lock-down project. The project is all Perry and I'm finding them enjoyable to point.  

So I'm not tempted to have a ludicrously large British force I try to do equal points for both sides. 

The latest project is a unit of Camel Corps. They mostly featured in the 1885 Gordon Relief expedition and were formed from a range of infantry retrained as mounted infantry, They feature quite a fetching blue-grey tunic which was quite distinctive. 

I've currently done 12 infantry and some camels as cover / mounts. I'm pleased with the results so will do a further 12 to round out the units needed for Desert Column.  I've also done my Mahdists tax and painted a couple of Ansar units to boost their forces. 

28mm camel corps

28mm Camel Corps - full 12 man unit


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