Tally Ho!

Saturday 18 November 2023

Rumble in the (alien) jungle

Sometimes its fun to paint some terrain and being gifted some Mantic Terrain Crate alien worlds stuff gave me a chance to do something colourful. This could also pass for Jurassic-style jungle and the few of the plants look distinctly carnivorous. 

Saturday 4 November 2023

Axis of Attack WWII Campaign - week 3, part 1

In the third week of the campaign the British were attacking in the North and Centre, whilst the Germans attacked in the South. The attack in the centre was the last square and so a British victory would close down that axis. This game was only half completed so will continue next week,

South - German attack

This game saw the Germans attacking a river, looking to capture two of the three bridges. 

The Brits deployed their infantry and supporting AT guns close the the bridges in the hopes of holding off the attacks.  

The Germans focused their attacks on the left side of the defences, using recon troops to reveal the defenders and then pound them ferociously.  German win 2- 0

North - British attack

The Germans had two villages to defend but the objectives were focused in the east of the field, so focused their units there. The Jadgpanzers were tucked away behind the villages waiting to ambush the attackers.

The British went for additional tanks to reinforce the attack. Faced with the advancing British, the Germans hunkered down and waited to ambush them. The British advanced cautiously using recon elements to draw them into firing. 

With the British artillery proving very effective they managed to capture the two observes and  hunt-down the Jadgpanzers before they could spring their trap. 

The result was a British win 2-0

Campaign picture

With two of the three games completed  both sides have broken through to the final squares.