Tally Ho!

Saturday 28 December 2019

The tinkerman returns

Sometimes Christmas is a good time to return to old projects and rework a little. So this year one thing I've done is to modify the Fireteam WWII platoon-level rules with new vehicle combat sections.

In the previous rules you rolled to hit and then rolled for damage with the various outcomes equally likely. Even though there was only a 1-in-20 chance of a first time kill it "felt" to some players it happened a lot. So the new rules work by accumulating hits and separating minor / major hits. So the first two damage will always be minor and its not till you get to the third that something bad could happen.

We played a medium-sized game with 3 Germans tanks + mechanised infantry vs Russians witjh 3 AT guns and a T-34/85.

The game ended with the T-34 immobilised, one German tank destroyed, one had its main gun disabled and the Tiger undamaged.

I'm going to say mission accomplished for now as the tanks survived pretty well. Now just to thin about the relative point of tanks and AT guns.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Mhogorth Arises - round 1

In round 1 both sides attacked across the border towards the enemy strongholds.  The board colour will be the guide as to who's defending.

Game 1 - Salt the Earth (capture the objectives and you may destroy ones you hold)

The Basileans deployed with a strong centre of Paladins and Ogre Guards with spearmen ready to attack the left. Knights, panthers and Elohi looked to delay on the right.  

The Undead had a big centre of zombies and skeletons. Lycans and Trolls would attack the right with horsemen and more skeletons on the left.

The Basileans quick-marched up the centre and left, grabbing several of the objectives and awaiting the Undead swarms to hit them. The Basilean right sought to avoid combat, falling back a drawing the enewmy forward.

Whilst the Basilean right ensnared the Undead's mount the strong assault on the Lycans / Trolls broke through and turned inward to roll-up the line.

A good win for Basilea and the invasion was repulsed. It was our first game with surge and it needs some practice. The Undead lost troops surging out of line and being doubled-charged but managed one sneaky flank attack.

Game 2 - Raze (Capture objectives in the enemy half)

Some minor tweaks for this game with one less catapult but more Drain Life spells on the Undead side. As before the Undead flooded the centre with (dead) bodies. Their left was horsemen and zombie trolls with the right Lycans and elit skeletons.

Basilea went again for a of Paladins and Ogre Guards. The main effort was on the right with Spearmen, Knights, Elohi and Gnaeus positioned there. A refused right was held by some Ogre Guards and an Ur Elohi.

Basilea moved first and sought to close the space, whilst using some impassable terrain on both flanks to anchor the positions. The Undead were more cautious than previously but were forced into an unequal fight on their left.  

Centrally the sides got into a grinding match which both armies are pretty good at. The Undead have big fearless units and the Basileans have lots of heal / Iron Resolve to remove single wounds.

On the Undead left they lasted longer than expected but eventually the superior Basilean forces broke through and captured 2 objectives, before turning into the centre.

On the Undead right their overwhelming force was held up for a couple of turns by the Ogres / Ur Elohi but were able to overrun the flank by the end of turn 4. Helped by two sets of snake-eyes some zombies hung around for ages before being wiped-out in the end.  

By the end of the game both sides had won on their right flanks but crucially the Basileans held the central objective and so were 3-2 winners.  

So after round 1 the Basileans have established a salient and attack the Barrow in round 2.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Gain Glory or Die - Saga campaign conclusion

For the final game of the campaign we opted for a massed battle with the Invaders and British slugging it out. The aim was to kill as many of the enemy as possible with bonus points for crossing the half way line.

The invaders lined up with the Dublin Vikings in the centre, Welsh on the left and Scots on the right. The British had the Danelaw Vikings in the centre with Anglo-Danes opposite the Welsh and newly recruited Norse Gaels facing their Scots cousins.  

The Dubliners got their archers killed early but were able to beat-back the Danelaw's and shade the casualties.  


The Welsh skipped around the slow-moving Anglo-Danes and got lots of units across the half way line.

Welsh nobles manning a hill

Norse Gaels advance

The Norse Gaels are a little confusing to use and rely on cycling saga diced through the combat pool to create combos. Unfamiliar with the abilities they fell victim to a determined Scottish attack.  

Jomsviking mercenaries take on the Norse Gaels

So a victory across the line for the Invaders, leaving them overall winners of the campaign by 10 points (just over 3 battles worth)

Norse Gaels face Scots


All-in-all the campaign seems to have been a successful one. The idea of playing three one-on-one games per night worked well and we mostly managed to have even numbers of players. Saga is a fairly simple game, which helps, but it does take time to learn your battle board and understand the enemies. 

I think we'll play again - we have the figures and the rules afterall…. 

Monday 23 December 2019

Mhorgoth Arises

To learn our new KOW V3 armies we're running a mini-campaign for Basileans vs Undead.

In the first battle the Undead launched an assault from the Dark Tower into Basilean territory. The scenario was Salt the Earth - objectives need to be captured but may be destoyed to deny them to the enemy.  I went with a strong centre with a refused right (most if the fast units) and a strong left. The Undead massed cheap units in the centre with more elite flanks, especially on their left opposite my refused flank.

Moving first the Basileans doubled-up and captured two central objectives and one on the left. They also deployed wide to flank the Undeads left flank attack.  

The Undead attacked the Basilean left and centre but were pushed back by Ogre Palace Guard units and the Ur Elohi.

Late on a couple of spoiling attacks delayed the Undead, leaving the Basileans 3-1 winners.

A learning experience as it was the first use of Surge for either player. The good and bad was on display - one unit got isolated surging forwards but a second got an otherwise inaccessible flank.

Paladin Knights and Gnaeus

Paladin footguards