Tally Ho!

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Leipzig - final warm-up

 With a few players away this week we decided not to start the campaign proper but instead to play a game at about 2/3 the planned size. A village and a hill on the centre line provided the objectives for both sides to attack. It was Germans and French vs Russians and Prussians.  All 4 players fielded 2 infantry and 1 cavalry brigade each. 

French infantry near the village

Russian horse with infantry support

The Russians and Frenched squared off on one side of the village contesting some fields in the east of the table. The Germans faced the Prussians with both fighting over half the village and the hill in the west.

The Germans crested the rise with most of their troops, clearly looking to attack the village from the flanks. They were met by the Prussian cavalry who managed to catch one unit while forming square and pursue them into another. Although eventually vanquish the Prussian horse tied-down most of the German division for the game.  
Germans crest the rise

Prussians are waiting for them

The Russians advanced quickly towards the waiting French and there was a clash of heavies which sent the French reeling back. This allowed time for the Russians to assault the village and quickly claim an objective.   

Clash of heavies

With the Germans distracted, the Prussians claimed the other half of the village with the bulk of their infantry. The Russians then pushed further into the French backfield routing a couple more units.  

Prussians capture half of the village

Russians assault the French

The game ended with the Russians / Prussians in control of the whole village (2 objectives) and the Germans holding the hill (1 objective). So a win for the Coalition forces on this occasion. 

Sunday, 12 March 2023

Leipzig warm-up 2

For this week's game we were joined by Keith Flint, who is the author of the Shadow of the Eagles rules that we're using. Always helpful to have the writer on hand if there are any questions. We went with a simple set-up that saw both sides attacking on their lefts and refusing their right.

Germans holding a village for the French

Young Guard advance 

French and German horse

Russian Grenadiers holding a village 

Swedes attack

Things were going well for the Coalition units in the early and middle parts of the game. This all changed though when the Russian's defending the village on their right decided to attack the Germans opposite them. 

They fell prey to some German cavalry and this led to the line being rolled-up and the French emerging as slightly unexpected winners. 

Oh dear....


Sunday, 5 March 2023

Leipzig - warm-up part 1

We're moving to our next project which is Leipzig using The Shadow of the Eagles (SOTE) by local gamer Keith Flint. So this the first of two warm-up games to remind everyone of the rules. 

Very much a thrash so limited tactical discussion and everyone just pushing forward. We fielded 5 infantry and 3 cavalry brigade a side. 

Quite a few people brought figures along so a good selection of troops on display. 

Russian infantry brigade



On one side we deployed most of the mounted to remind  ourselves how it all works

French and German cavalry 

Swedish Horse

Germans attack a village

Swedes assault the other village 

Russians recapture a village from the French

All-in-all a good run-out for the rules and a chance to knock the rust off our bayonets.


Saturday, 25 February 2023

Gettysburg - East Cavalry Field

 For our final game we played the action on East Cavalry Field that occurred on day 3 of the battle. The intent was for JEB Stuart to support Pickett's attack and exploit his "success". He found himself instead entangled with Gregg's Union cavalry.

Both sides deployed half their troops mounted as Light Cavalry and half dismounted as Mounted Skirmishers. This was a compromise to enable a bigger game with the troops available.   

The first action took place with Witcher's skirmishers attacking the Union troops opposite them in an attempt to push them back. They made some progress but were enable to really exploit it as both sides fed cavalry units into the area. 

In the west side Fitz-Lee advanced slowly on Custer's command, with both sides mounted troops clashing in the fields. Custer got the upper-hand and pushed the Confederates back.  

Centrally the Confederates attacked 1st New Jersey and wiped them out after a couple of turns. As both sides fed-in reinforcements a fluid attack/counter-attack melee formed in the centre.   

 The final result was a 3-2 win for the Union with JEB Stuart unable to break through the Union lines. 

Saturday, 18 February 2023

Gettysburg - Roundtops week 2

At the end of last week's game Little Roundtop was under threat, the Confederates were pushing forward in the centre and the Wheatfield was firmly in Union hands. 

The Confederates attacked around Little Roundtop with heavy fire quickly weakening the troops on this exposed position. Meanwhile attacks continued in Devils Den and the ridge. The Union's first set of reinforcements launched several charges which pushed the Rebs back but led to heavy losses in the next round from shooting. 

Little Roundtop falls

Eventually Little Roundtop was taken and the Rebs wrested control of the ridge, giving them 3 objectives. Both sides received some additional reverses which both directed against the ridge. 

In the last couple of turns both sides made late attempts to contest  some of the objectives. The Union were able to contest the east side of the ridge and the Confederates the Wheatfield. So a final score of 2-0 to the Confederates.    

Wheatfield contested