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About the Cirencester Wargames Club




The club has been around for about 40 years meeting at a variety of venues. We started life at the Phoenix Community Centre, then moved briefly to the Bingham Hall, before finally coming to rest at my house.

At one time we played twice a week running both historical table-top games and Role Playing games such as AD&D. We're now exclusively table-top gamers.


The Games we play

We have very broad tastes and happily play a range of periods including Ancients, Dark ages, Medieval, English Civil War, Seven Years Wars, Napoleonic, American Civil War, Colonial and WWII.

We usually favour campaigns over one-offs and try to focus on fast / fun games that everyone joins-in. These days we tend to play mostly 28mm (plastics are so affordable) but still have large collections of  15mm.

We're a small club currently standing at 6 members


Game nights

Regular game night is Mondays 1930 - 2230.

We also play all-day games on an occasional basis, usually 1000 - 1600ish

Contact details 

Please email me on wargamer.stu@gmail,com or respond to the new members blog post

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