Tally Ho!

Sunday 28 February 2021

The Blue Max - week 6 results


This week we decided to give both sides a go at some balloon busting as this is the only mission we've not yet tried out. Game 1 was brutal for the Germans as they lost 2 planes pretty early and were unable to shootdown all three balloons. In game 2 the British took early damage but were able to win the scenario still. This promotes Stu and John to double ace.   


Saturday 20 February 2021

The Blue Max - week 5 results

Since we had a couple of scenarios we'd not played we decided to do those this week . Both involved 3 defending fighters vs two attacking fighters and two observation / bombing aircraft. The Germans had to find a hidden British artillery battery (1 real from 4 blinds) and the British had to bomb 2 or 3 German supply dumps.

Both games were pretty tense with the Observation aircraft proving far from helpless and the ends of both games being very close. The Germans had to dive with a critically damaged Observer to win and the British just managed to bomb both targets and escape with one plan.

Sadly Mike's Ace bit the dust but both John and Richard were promoted. The laurel wreath denote 5 kills, putting Richard on 6.


Saturday 13 February 2021

28mm Sudan

The latest lockdown project is some 28mm Sudan - I'm looking to do two armies for The Men Who Would Be Kings rules from Osprey. We had some fun games previously and with the units being 12 - 16 figures the armies look pretty nice.

The second unit off the painting table are some Beja spearmen from Perry.


Tuesday 9 February 2021

The Blue Max - week 4 results

For this weeks games we swapped the sides from last week and had the Germans attacking a British bomber and then undertaking a photo recon mission.

The British won a resounding victory with only light damage to the bomber before the Germans were driven off and the Baron Roy succumbed to fire from the bomber itself. In game 2 its was a tight affair with both sides having 2 fighters driven off and the German observation aircraft making good its escape.

Mike was prompted to Ace and managed to survive a battle!


Sunday 7 February 2021

The Blue Max - WW1 aerial, week 3


This week saw our first Ace as John's kill total was 6 after the first game of the night - Zeppelin busting. This was a successful mission for the British as they downed the goliath and saw off the fighter escort.

Game 2 went to the Germans though as they successfully intercepted a British recon flight and were able to shoot John down in his first mission as an Ace. This leaves most players on 3 kills but Mike is poised to make Ace next week on 4 kills.