Tally Ho!

Saturday 29 April 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Gholis & Schonefeld part 1

This sessions game was the last battle of the first round - Gholis & Schonefeld in the north of the campaign area. In this game the attacking Coalition forces have a 25% advantage over the French, who are holding two villages. 

The Coalition deployed forces from east to west with; Russian & Prussians attacking the village, Russians & Austrians in the centre and finally Swedes opposite the western village.     

Russian and Prussians in the east

Swedes occupy the heights in the west

The Grand ArmeĆ© deployed with the Germans in the east guarding that village, French in the centre and the French Guards in the west.  

Germans in the east

The Guard in the west

French centre / west

The Coalition attack began with a quick advance by the Prussians and Russians against the eastern village. Thanks to the reserve move rules the Prussians quickly outflanked Germans by crossing the river and forced them weaken their village defence to meet the threat.     

In the west the Swedish cavalry attacked and met with some initial success before being halted by the intervention of the French Carbineers. Apart from this foray the Swedes stood motionless on the hills seeking to bombard the Guards from range.   

Back in the east the Russians stormed the village and pushed the Germans back. The German cavalry attempted to intervene but bounced-off the doughty Russians.       

The eastern village falls

The first weeks play ended with the Russians holding the eastern village and Prussians moving in support - things looked pretty tricky for the Germans with casualties mounting.  

In the west the Guards have advanced on the Austrians and Swedes looking to keep them well away from the village.  

Centrally the Austrians and Russians have advanced a little but had the worse of the fire combat and so are regrouping for another attack

So all to play for in part 2 but the Coalition ahead due to their success in the east.

Saturday 22 April 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Liebertwalkwitz, Part 2

This week we continue the cavalry action at Liertwalkwitz. As the table was used over the bank holiday weekend we reset the battle imagining a short pause to regroup but keeping the casualties from the previous game.

We started on turn 4 with both sides bringing their reinforcements on. The Coalition focused on their right while the French split between the centre and their left. 

With both sides deployed fairly close we had several charges immediately as the Coalition sought to push for a win. 

French lights centre left

French heavies centre right

French lights on the right

Coalition lights and heavies in the centre

Afresh heavy brigade for the Coalition

The first couple of turns went to the Coalition as good dice and a couple of double charges removed a number of the French units. Centrally both sides fresh heavy cavalry become embroiled in bitter struggle, with the French also coming off second best.   
Action in the centre

French fall back in the centre

Both sides reinforcements piled into the swirling melee with the French losing on their right and the centre where the bulk of the Coalition reserves were deployed.   

After a few more turns the French broke as they lost both units and a couple of the objectives to each their breakpoint of 14 killed. At this point the Coalition stood on 8 killed, so a win but not an easy one as they had plenty of damaged units.   

Coalition lights making progress

The French lose an objective and reach break point

 A really different game with some much cavalry on display, 28 units a side. We did nt play may turns but the speed of the units and the frequent follow-ups meant we covered a lot of the table the Coalition got right to the French board edge. 

With two battles fought in turn 1 the French are falling back in the south and the centre


Tuesday 11 April 2023

Arsenic and Old Lace - Blenheim refought

For this years Easter game we played a scenario based on Blenheim - the first major battle of the War of Spanish Succession, fought in 1704. This was a 28mm game  using version 1 of Beneath the Lilly Banners. So a classic Lace Wars encounter.

The field was dominated by a series of streams which slowed movement and disordered units whilst in them. The main objectives were two towns under French control in the centre and on the right. I was playing the French right wing and so had to defend Blenheim itself. 

Overview from the British left opposite Blenheim

We followed history in our setup and so brigades of cavalry and infantry were dispersed across the line for both sides. We counted all the British / Dutch forces as superior shooting and their cavalry as heavier than the French.     
British Horse near Blenheim

British horse in the centre

British foot opposite the French left 

The French task was to defend their position and so they would have the benefit of not moving and firing for most of the game, but they did start some way back from the streams so would need to advance if they wanted to hold the bridges.  

French horse

French defenders of the central village

Long shot from the British centre with Blenheim on the right

The British on the French right advanced quickly towards Blenheim at first, but then became hesitant as they tried to deploy into line. Both sides being reluctant to fire their first volley at long range things degenerated into an artillery duel which suited the French as time was not a pressure. 
British Fusiliers attack Blenheim 

The doughty French defenders

Centrally both sides advanced their horse and attempted to charge into the enemy whilst their infantry moved in support. This part of the action favoured the better British horse who beat back the French but then pursued too vigorously, before being shot down by the French foot.  

British ford the steram opposite the French left

British attack the centre

French in wait in the centre

British heavies hit home

With time against them the British diverted some troops from Blenheim to attack the central village. Murderous fire ensued and casualties were heavy, but the village remained in French hands as the attackers withdrew.   
Another British attack on the centre 

French horse moves to cover Blenheim

Around Blenheim itself there was a brief cavalry battle which marginally favoured the French and delayed the British advance a few more turns. 

British ready to attack at Blenheim

French cuirassiers beat the British back

As darkness fell the British had yet to make a serious play for Blenheim and so it remained in French hands. So in a reversal of history the French won the day and held both objectives.  
As the light fades the final British attack stalls.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Liebertwalkwitz

Sadly I was sick for this game so our correspondent Steve picks up the pen. You will see that we've switched to 20mm and drawn on Roy's collection to be able to field the 24+ units a side needed. 

With both the French and coalition forces drawn up in their deployment area, the field looked impressive with rank upon rank of horsemen. The French offered the coalition the opportunity to move first. The allies moved off, echeloned forward on the right, held back on the left.

Immediately the French seized the initiative, charging forward impetuously with a Cuirassier regiment in the centre, bowling back the Swedish Carabineers and their supporting dragoons. The spent Cuirassiers would later be eliminated by Prussian light horse.

In the next move the right flank coalition division moved strongly forward with mixed results on the extreme right, but with more success on their left, exploiting the fractured French brigade left leaderless by the charge of the Cuirassiers and their general to defeat a regiment of Lancers and forcing a regiment of Hussars to withdrawal.

The next move saw French charges counter charged, with some success for the Austrian cavalry in the centre pushing back the Empress Dragoons and the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard and reverses for the Prussian left flank division.

  So after 3 turns of play things are pretty balanced with both sides about to deploy their reserves.