Tally Ho!

Saturday 29 April 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Gholis & Schonefeld part 1

This sessions game was the last battle of the first round - Gholis & Schonefeld in the north of the campaign area. In this game the attacking Coalition forces have a 25% advantage over the French, who are holding two villages. 

The Coalition deployed forces from east to west with; Russian & Prussians attacking the village, Russians & Austrians in the centre and finally Swedes opposite the western village.     

Russian and Prussians in the east

Swedes occupy the heights in the west

The Grand ArmeĆ© deployed with the Germans in the east guarding that village, French in the centre and the French Guards in the west.  

Germans in the east

The Guard in the west

French centre / west

The Coalition attack began with a quick advance by the Prussians and Russians against the eastern village. Thanks to the reserve move rules the Prussians quickly outflanked Germans by crossing the river and forced them weaken their village defence to meet the threat.     

In the west the Swedish cavalry attacked and met with some initial success before being halted by the intervention of the French Carbineers. Apart from this foray the Swedes stood motionless on the hills seeking to bombard the Guards from range.   

Back in the east the Russians stormed the village and pushed the Germans back. The German cavalry attempted to intervene but bounced-off the doughty Russians.       

The eastern village falls

The first weeks play ended with the Russians holding the eastern village and Prussians moving in support - things looked pretty tricky for the Germans with casualties mounting.  

In the west the Guards have advanced on the Austrians and Swedes looking to keep them well away from the village.  

Centrally the Austrians and Russians have advanced a little but had the worse of the fire combat and so are regrouping for another attack

So all to play for in part 2 but the Coalition ahead due to their success in the east.


  1. Looking forward to playing out part 2 Stu. Having ballsed up my cavalry advance in part 1 I need to demonstrate a bit more generalship!

  2. Lovely looking game, what size is that table space?