Tally Ho!

Sunday 21 June 2015

Republican Romans finished at last

After about 6 months painting the Republican Romans are finally completed. I've used three boxes of Victrix 28mm and produced 2 * Triarii, 2*Hastati, 2*Latin Allies, 2*Penal Legion, and 2*Velites




Penal Legion - converted Velites


Friday 19 June 2015

Dark Ages - turn 1

This is the map after the first turn - for more details on the campaign rules and battle reports look in the Dark Ages page of the Blog

Saturday 13 June 2015

Dark Ages - the next steps

After a few play tests with the armies we've tweaked the format a little. The Roman armies seem powerful and well balanced compared with the Barbarians, especially if we spice it up with some cavalry-heavy armies.

So the plan now is that each player (or pair) will control a Roman army, with it essentially becoming a competition between them to defend the glory of the empire. Spare players will control a random barbarian army.