Tally Ho!

Monday 31 August 2015

Waterloo Campaign - setup

After some delays we are now ready to undertake our tribute to Waterloo. Having been somewhat overwhelm by trying to play a Corps level game with full strategic manoeuvring, we're now going for a simpler system of 7 scenarios. There is very limited linkage between each scenario with the winner being the one who wins most.

Waterloo Campaign Map
The scenarios are  Quatre Bras,  Ligny (south), Wavre, Hougamont, Le Haye Sainte, Ney / Guard attack, and Placenoit. Most games should last about 16 turns or 2 weeks play.

Sunday 30 August 2015

Final batch of Arab Infantry for Lion Rampant

The last if the holiday painting is now done and I've completed the final batch of Arab infantry for my Lion Rampant force.

Black guards

This unit is inspired by the somewhat mythical Black Guard units, perhaps more north Africa than Arab but I like to look. Figures are Gripping Beast. Again the shields are painted with the bands of test printed and glued on.

The second unit is some Fierce Foot in the shape of some Assassins. The uniform is pure fancy but I rather like the colour scheme even if its more Indiana Jones Thuggee than medieval Arab.
Cloak and dagger time

Friday 28 August 2015

Napoleonic AAR - Waterloo campaign practice game

Overall deployment
For our Waterloo practice game we went for a scenario based on Charles Grant's "Reinforcements off table". A small force of Belgium and German troops are holding three river crossings, with further German reinforcements arriving after 3 turns. A French Division is on the attack. The rules are Rank and File from Crusader with figures mostly Victrix and Perry.

Dutch-Belgium defenders
 The plucky Belgium infantry defending the bridge, with the cavalry below
Dutch-Belgium Hussars

Ranged against them the might of the French army with Ney in command.
French Cuirassiers and Horse Artillery

A French Brigade
The French launched a bold attack against the centre bridge, with the Belgium infantry responding by advancing slightly by moving forwards for a better angle of fire. The French seized the opportunity by wheeling their flank attacks inwards to attack the exposed Belgium's.
The attack develops

Eeck where did my flank go?
This got messy with a French Dragoon unit rolling-up an infantry battalion and the artillery. On the other side the Young Guard also rolled-up an infantry unit. At a stroke the Belgiums had lost one end of the bridge.

The end is near

The German reinforcements arrived and were duly fed into the defensive position but it was already weakened. With the French force and foot achieving success on the flanks the position was lost when the Belgiums reached the 50% army break point.
French and Belgium cavalry battle

Sunday 23 August 2015

ECW Scots Lancers

ECW Scots Lancers

I've completed the second regiment of cavalry for the Montrose scots army. This unit is more heavily armed than the first and features scots lancers.

ECW Scots Lancers

Figures are Warlord Games plastic with minor weapon conversions. The spears are from Wargames Factory plastic Numidians - you gets lots with each pack, especially if you do several units of archers are I did.

ECW Montrose Horse

This is a view of the completed cavalry brigade - two full regiments and a commander. Quite pretty but I'm realistic about their effectiveness in the field

ECW Montrose Horse

Second batch of arabs for Lion Rampant

My second unit completed, this time its some spearmen. Plastics from Gripping Beast. I tried a different technique on the shields by making text bands using the printer and sticking that to the shield. Its something I copied from club-mate Mike who did some Greek shields this way.

Arab spearmen

Arab spears and bows

Monday 17 August 2015

Arabs for Lion Rampant

A future game we're planning are some medieval skirmishes using lion Rampant. To be different I've decided to try Arabs. the first batch are archers. Gripping Beasts figures

Arab archers

Sunday 16 August 2015

Montrose Irish brigade - part 1

Fresh from the table is the first of the Irish Brigade. The photo has come out a little shinny as I'm without my resident photographer this week. Figures are Warlord Games with some of their metal caps. Flags were found for free on the Internet and then edited for size

Montrose Irish Brigade

Montrose Irish Brigade

Sunday 9 August 2015

Montrose Scottish Horse

One result of my summer holiday painting is the first unit of Scottish horse for the Montrose campaign. These are intended to be used as Gordon's horse. Figures are Warlord games with some minor conversions so all are armed with firearms.
The whole regiment plus officer
The first squadron with standard

The second squadron

The officer

Saturday 1 August 2015

Dark Ages Campaign Results

After three complete rounds we have the final results

Roy - 66% win ratio
Stuart - 66% win ratio
Stu - 66% win ratio
John -  50% win ratio (4 rounds, would be 33% after 3 rounds)

The most successful of the German armies were the Vandals (all warriors) who won all of their battles with the Chatti (mostly warbands) being nearly as successful. The mounted armies suffered with a single win between them.

So very pretty and good fun having the variety of armies rather than a shieldwall grind every week.