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Friday 28 August 2015

Napoleonic AAR - Waterloo campaign practice game

Overall deployment
For our Waterloo practice game we went for a scenario based on Charles Grant's "Reinforcements off table". A small force of Belgium and German troops are holding three river crossings, with further German reinforcements arriving after 3 turns. A French Division is on the attack. The rules are Rank and File from Crusader with figures mostly Victrix and Perry.

Dutch-Belgium defenders
 The plucky Belgium infantry defending the bridge, with the cavalry below
Dutch-Belgium Hussars

Ranged against them the might of the French army with Ney in command.
French Cuirassiers and Horse Artillery

A French Brigade
The French launched a bold attack against the centre bridge, with the Belgium infantry responding by advancing slightly by moving forwards for a better angle of fire. The French seized the opportunity by wheeling their flank attacks inwards to attack the exposed Belgium's.
The attack develops

Eeck where did my flank go?
This got messy with a French Dragoon unit rolling-up an infantry battalion and the artillery. On the other side the Young Guard also rolled-up an infantry unit. At a stroke the Belgiums had lost one end of the bridge.

The end is near

The German reinforcements arrived and were duly fed into the defensive position but it was already weakened. With the French force and foot achieving success on the flanks the position was lost when the Belgiums reached the 50% army break point.
French and Belgium cavalry battle

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