Tally Ho!

Saturday 22 April 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Liebertwalkwitz, Part 2

This week we continue the cavalry action at Liertwalkwitz. As the table was used over the bank holiday weekend we reset the battle imagining a short pause to regroup but keeping the casualties from the previous game.

We started on turn 4 with both sides bringing their reinforcements on. The Coalition focused on their right while the French split between the centre and their left. 

With both sides deployed fairly close we had several charges immediately as the Coalition sought to push for a win. 

French lights centre left

French heavies centre right

French lights on the right

Coalition lights and heavies in the centre

Afresh heavy brigade for the Coalition

The first couple of turns went to the Coalition as good dice and a couple of double charges removed a number of the French units. Centrally both sides fresh heavy cavalry become embroiled in bitter struggle, with the French also coming off second best.   
Action in the centre

French fall back in the centre

Both sides reinforcements piled into the swirling melee with the French losing on their right and the centre where the bulk of the Coalition reserves were deployed.   

After a few more turns the French broke as they lost both units and a couple of the objectives to each their breakpoint of 14 killed. At this point the Coalition stood on 8 killed, so a win but not an easy one as they had plenty of damaged units.   

Coalition lights making progress

The French lose an objective and reach break point

 A really different game with some much cavalry on display, 28 units a side. We did nt play may turns but the speed of the units and the frequent follow-ups meant we covered a lot of the table the Coalition got right to the French board edge. 

With two battles fought in turn 1 the French are falling back in the south and the centre



  1. Glad the cavalry combats worked well.

  2. Must be a very different wargaming experience playing an almost all cavalry battle on both sides. Certainly not the normal infantry plodding forwards experince.