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Sunday 10 December 2023

Axis of attack, WWII Campaign - week 4, part 1

This promised to be an important week of the campaign as both sides were attacking final squares and so had a chance to close-down an axis of attack and claim the VPs. The British were attacking in the north and centre with the Germans attacking in the south. I was away so not many shots of these games I'm afraid. 

In the north the battle continues into a second week and the result is in the balance. In the centre the British were able to win at the second attempt, collecting 1 VP. In the south the British held off the Germans to claim 0.5 VP.       

As we hoped to complete the campaign before Christmas we have declared the Allies the winners on 1.5 VPs to 0.5VPs and the first to achieve a breakthrough. We will complete the remaining game and try some of the special rules needed for our future D Day campaign.  

The main aim of the campaign had been to test the rules and give us all a chance to play after a long break from WWII. Rapid Fire Reloaded is certainly a quick set and does encourage all-arms play. We'll be adding air attacks for D Day and limiting massed tank attacks outside of GOODWOOD-style scenarios. 

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