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Saturday 2 December 2023

Axis of attack WWII Campaign - week 3, part 2

After a COVID / work inspired gap we managed to complete the final game of turn 3. This involved the Guards armoured attacking some German infantry dug-in around a major road junction. The Guards were in GOODWOOD mode with lots of Sherman's while the Germans had loaded up on AT guns.

The main attack fell on the German right with Firefly's deployed to cover the M4 Sherman's advance. They quickly dealt with the STUGs and some of the AT guns but the rest of the Germans held their fire.    

Things got attractional for a while as the British tried to wear down the Germans without the aid of artillery support. This was a slow business as the Germans were dug-in. 

Eventually the numbers told and the British took one objective before proceeding to put heavy pressure on a second. Time was not their friend and they simply could nt dislodge the Germans from the central village before darkness fell.  

So a draw, meaning it will be refought next week but the  Germans score 1/2 Campaign Point  for holding on. So turn 4 sees all three battles being for control of an Axis. The end of the mini campaign is in sight.  


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