Tally Ho!

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Gain Glory or Die - Saga campaign conclusion

For the final game of the campaign we opted for a massed battle with the Invaders and British slugging it out. The aim was to kill as many of the enemy as possible with bonus points for crossing the half way line.

The invaders lined up with the Dublin Vikings in the centre, Welsh on the left and Scots on the right. The British had the Danelaw Vikings in the centre with Anglo-Danes opposite the Welsh and newly recruited Norse Gaels facing their Scots cousins.  

The Dubliners got their archers killed early but were able to beat-back the Danelaw's and shade the casualties.  


The Welsh skipped around the slow-moving Anglo-Danes and got lots of units across the half way line.

Welsh nobles manning a hill

Norse Gaels advance

The Norse Gaels are a little confusing to use and rely on cycling saga diced through the combat pool to create combos. Unfamiliar with the abilities they fell victim to a determined Scottish attack.  

Jomsviking mercenaries take on the Norse Gaels

So a victory across the line for the Invaders, leaving them overall winners of the campaign by 10 points (just over 3 battles worth)

Norse Gaels face Scots


All-in-all the campaign seems to have been a successful one. The idea of playing three one-on-one games per night worked well and we mostly managed to have even numbers of players. Saga is a fairly simple game, which helps, but it does take time to learn your battle board and understand the enemies. 

I think we'll play again - we have the figures and the rules afterall…. 


  1. It was a brave move taking the Norse Gael for the campaign concluding game, I think they may be the trickiest board to use.

  2. Yeap neither us really had much clue what to do