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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Gain Glory or Die - Saga campaign week 9

An unusual scenario this week - the Feud. Each side gets a free but random hero to include in their army. Some give better C&C, some fight, and some just get in the way. To win you simply need to kill the enemies hero - if both survive or are killed then kills are the tie-breaker. Hero's not over the half way line at the end of the game died automatically, so no turtling!

Anglo-Saxon vs Welsh

A real contrast of styles with the slow-moving Saxons against the nimble Welsh. The Saxons formed their usual shieldwall Impi's while the Welsh sought the flanks.

A real game of cat and mouse as both sides tries to get their hero across the half way line in the mid - late game. The result though was a narrow Saxon win as their shooting proved more potent.

Scots vs Anglo Danes

The second outing for the Scots and this time is was the Danes - masters of fatigue.

The Danes attacked boldly, unfamiliar with Scots defensive prowess. A series of attacks were rebuffed with few Scots dead and strong counter attack led to the a series of damaging losses to the Danes. A solid Scots win.  

Vikings vs Vikings

Both sides attacked in the usual Viking fashion  but with the invading Dubliners relyinf more on their shooting than the Danelaws who went all melee.

It was a close fight but the Danelaws emerged victorious against their cousins.

Next week will be the last week of 1vs 1 games and we'll end for Christmas was a grand melee

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