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Saturday 30 September 2023

WWII Rapid Fire Reloaded - Perrier Ridge

On the afternoon of the 6th June 1944 a Kamptgruppen from 21st Panzer Division attempted to break through to the invasion beaches but ran into the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and armoured support near Perrier Ridge. 

View from Perrier Ridge

The Germans had three objectives to complete - two villages to capture and get 6 AFVs within 6" of the British edge. Achieve any two and its a win.   

The British deployed their infantry into the villages with their tanks hill down on Perrier Ridge. a lot rested on the few Firefly's as they had the range and hitting power to really hurt the Germans. 

21st Panzer arrived in two eaves so the Germans massed in cover until their full force was available. Their Grenadiers opened-up on the first village, exchanging fire with the dug-in British. Losses were initially in the favour of the British as they had the better cover.            

Eventually the Germans resumed their advance towards the western end of Perrier Ridge, prompting the British tanks to begin firing into the Panzers. Results were fairly disappointing with one Panzer IV killed and one damaged. Although the damage was light the Germans halted then pulled back to cover tpo exchange long-range fire with the British.    

The Panzers also turned their guns on the first village forcing the British out of the southern edge to seek shelter in the northern half. The game ended with the Germans about half way across the table but not looking to advance.  

In interesting encounter with lots of armour on both sides. The Germans perhaps over estimated the effectiveness of the British shooting  and maybe could have been bolder?

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