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Saturday 9 September 2023

WWII - Rapid Fire Reloaded, practice game 2

As we're still learning the rules this week we tried some mostly armoured forces to test that aspect of the rules. Both sides had a tank battalion plus some infantry support. The aim was to capture the village and a ridge. 

Game table

The Germans won the imitative and quickly advanced to take the village and move on the ridge. The British were more cautious and moved into firing positions in the centre whilst attacking around the side of the ridge. 

British Sherman squadrons

The British ran into some well positioned German tanks behind the ridge but some weak dice form the Panzers meant they came off the worst and lost on that side. 

Some long-range 17pdr fire caused more damage to the Panzers, forcing them to retreat and leave the Grenadiers holding the village. Formally a draw as both sides held one objective but the British tanks certainly had the better of it. The game worked fine but felt less fun than the combined arms games where there are mope options for both sides.

On table 2 we tried out some homebrew rules with smaller forces - plenty learnt about the deadliness of Panthers and German MMG fire. 


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