Tally Ho!

Sunday 10 September 2023

No one expects the War of Spanish Succession

This weekend Roy celebrated his birthday with a game of WSS using some home-brew rules based on Armati Renaissance.  

The rules feature lots of opposed rolls, with melee and shooting using the same basic mechanics.

There was a large number of units on display with British / Dutch taking on the French and Bavarians. I command the Bavarian continent on the left of the line French line.      


The British opposite the Bavarians

French centre advancing

French Horse

British centre

Heavily out numbered on Horse I was able to hold off the British cavalry whilst a series of infantry attacks, with variable success but taking quite a bit of ground.  
Bavarian and British Horse clash

Plucky Bavarians push the British back

French centre attacking in depth

All good fun and plenty of cake!


  1. Good fun indeed! Thanks for posting Stu - nice photos. It was a fine game, with plenty of discussion on the period and the emerging rules. I think the game had good period character - bloody and dramatic cavalry combats, plus to-and-fro infantry musket duels.

  2. Lovely looking armies, I do love a tricorn.