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Sunday 3 September 2023

WWII - Rapid Fire Reloaded

Having done quite a few 18th and 19th century games recently we decided to try some WWII. We have lots of Flames of War figures but felt playing that may not work as only a couple of us have the rules. so we've been looking for something simple and cheap so that everyone could buy a set. Adam came across Rapid Fire Reloaded (£5 plus £5 for advanced rules) so this week we gave them a try. 

The rules are based on the venerable Rapid Fire but highly streamlined and simplified. They run to about 10 A5 pages and cover combined arms games at roughly Battalion / Regiment level. Most combat is resolved using by throwing variable numbers of dice to hit or damage with no saving throws. 

Armoured combat is quick as both weapons and armour have a numeric value and the difference is using in calculating hits. Armour dies fairly quickly once the shooting starts but infantry sticks about longer if its in cover. 

Overall they play rapidly and are short enough for anyone to learn. Observation is not that well explained  but we managed to figure it out quite quickly, It also provides quite a lot of the tactical depth as shooting units are easily spotted so how long do you hold fire? The rules also have overwatch, so adding some additional choices.   

The First Game

For our practice game we used a D-Day scenario that comes in the main rules. A British infantry battalion, with armoured support, have surprised some German infantry defending a village. The Brits must get within 6" to claim a win. Both sides had 200 points.     

The British attacked down the main road and also through some cornfields, with the Germans choosing not to hold the stream bank but instead hold back around the village and some woods. 

The British were able to take out the German tanks but their infantry suffered quite a few hits advancing across some open ground.  

Hard to say who would have won but the scenario was a good test of the rules as infantry, armour and artillery all got into action.  

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