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Saturday 7 October 2023

WWII Rapid Fire Roloaded - Goodwood

Last week the Germans attacked so this week I thought we should swap around and have a British armoured attack. A game based on Monty's attacked towards Caen in the wake of the D-Day landings seemed a good choice. I could nt find quite what I wanted so I made up something based on Goodwood.  

The British entered from the Northern in the middle third of the board and had to exit in the Sothern third. They gained +1VP for each tank escaping and lost -1VP for each killed.

View from the east of the field on the Germans side

The British focused most of their forces on the western side of the table with a thin infantry screen covering the flank and an M10 Achilles in support. This meant a big lump of 15 Sherman's pushing forward.     

The cavalry charge! 

The Germans positioned their Panthers squarely in the way while they tried to move troops from the east side of the table in support. Early shooting was not very decisive but as the ranged closed both sides took some hits.  

Crucially for the Brits they still had most of their Firefly's intact and so were able to kill a couple of German tanks.  

Firefly's form a firing sqaud

We timed-out with the action finely poised after 4 turns of play.  


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