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Sunday 29 October 2023

Axis of attacks WWII Campaign - week 2

As we entered week 2 of the mini campaign the Germans were attacking in the North against Brits defending some hamlets. The British in their turn were attacking an open square and one with some fixed defences.

Game 1 (South) - British Infantry attacking German Infantry.

This table was reasonably heavily wooded with plenty of fields breaking-up the sight lines. The British attacked cautiously,  using their artillery and Churchills to clear the way. 

Dug-in German infantry backed by AT guns managed to hold off the attack and to force the Brits into a withdrawal. German win 2-0. 
Churchills and infantry attack

Game 2 (Centre) - Guards Armoured attacking Panzer Grenadiers

The Guards loaded-up on tanks and looked to swamp the defenders with targets. The defenders had some dragon's teeth and a bunker which they used to cover the objectives. 

A veritable battery of Firefly's provided overwatch while the Shermans' pushed forward with limited infantry and artillery support. Unlike GOODWOOD the British prevailed. British win 2-0.   

That's a lot of 17pdrs!

Table 3 (North) - German Infantry attacking  British Infantry

The Germans split their armour with the main thrust in the east and a smaller effort by the Jadgpanzer IVs in the west.  

Panzer IVs look to flank the British

The Germans made two errors though; their armour out-stripped their infantry support and so had to pause under fire from the concealed British and they placed their objectives too close to the villages enabling the Tommys' to remain in hard cover. British win 2-0.   

The waiting 6 pdrs

The campaign position sees the Germans attacking on 2 fronts with a chance of closing the central axis.



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