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Saturday 14 October 2023

Axis of attack WWII campaign week 1

This week we started the WWII mini-campaign planned to test ideas for a larger game. Both sides begin with an encounter game on all three Axis. The Germans fielded 2 Panzer Grenadier Battalions and one Infantry Battalion. The British deployed two Infantry Battalions and and one Guards Armoured Battlegroup. 

Central Axis

The central axis featured a PG Battalion against reinforced British Infantry.  Both sides attacked with armour on their left flanks seeking to capture the 2VP objective in the enemies half, whilst using their infantry to hold the 1 VP objective in their own half.  The Germans had the bigger attacking tank force but the British infantry had 6 pdr support.

The British armour made good progress towards their objective with very little interference beyond some shelling from the Grille supporting the Grenadiers. The Panzers ran into heavy but ineffective fire from the waiting 6 pdrs and supporting Shermans.  

A couple of turns of highly effective 25pdr fire cleared most of the defending German infantry from their objective while the Panzers traded fire with the British infantry and Shermans. In the end the Panzers were defeated giving a 3-0 win to the British.  

Southern Axis

On this axis a reinforced Guards Armoured unit fought German infantry with additional AT support. The Germans deployed defensively hoping to knock-out the British armour before stealing some objectives, or playing for a points win on damage done.

The Guards advanced cautiously as they sought to avoid the many waiting German AT guns. Giving them limited targets until the last moment they were able to secure the enemy objective with limited pressure on their own. So another 3-0  win.   

Rifle battalion supporting the Guards

Northern Axis

This table is slightly smaller and so we reduced the force sizes by about 25%. The Germans reinforced this, giving a larger percentage advantage than on the bigger tables. As a result they swamped the British with Panzers and were able to win this one 3-0. Sadly no pictures here though.   

So the overall position has the Allies winning on two fronts and Germans on one. Next week some attack vs defence. 


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