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Saturday 21 October 2023

Axis of attack WWII - a brief restbite

For various reasons we found ourselves short of Allied players this week and so took a break from the formal campaign. It was also a chance to show Keith the rules as he'd not played before. So we did a couple of attack vs defence games to try those out.

This was also my first chance to try out the US list I'd put together for the campaign - its an Armoured Infantry battalion with Sherman support. They did decently well capturing one of the two objectives in 6 turns play.  

The main "learning" from the practice games is that the attacker definitely needs at least 10 turns to have a chance. Also I need to think about force ratios - the attacker will typically have a 25-15% points advantage, which I'm not sure will be enough. I don't want to make the attackers forces bigger though as we will not complete the games in an evening. Perhaps the defender needs to lose some troops of have them start of table and need to dice to come on as reserves?

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