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Saturday 29 July 2023

North West Frontier - Malakand Rising 1897, week 1

 Having enjoyed the previous NWF games we've decided to carry on the theme and try another short campaign. This one is set in 1897 and concerns an uprising in Malakand. In game one the British are camped in an extinct volcano when they come under attack from two directions by Pathans. As before  we've included some Russians in the mix.   

The British start with 3/4 of their units on the table while the locals attack from the south and east.

Game 1 - small table (1 vs 1)

The Brits deployed with one unit guarding the east flank and two in the centre. Cavalry waited off table to reinforce. The Pathans deployed with shooters to the south and tribal to the east. More tribal waited to reinforce the south. 

In a key move the Pathans were able to get some shooters onto a small hill overlooking the British position. These were able to pin a few Imperial units and so enable the tribals to sneak-up through the cover.   

A series of short-range charges took-out the British and blunted the attack of the Cavalry. The game ended with all the British units routed or destroyed. A bad day at the office for the defenders. 

Game 2 - 3 vs 2

A similar set-up to Game 1 with a single unit guarding the flank and some infantry and artillery holding a central hill. Cavalry and more infantry waited off table. 

The Pathans pushed their Russian allies up the centre with support from some shooters. A large tribal force looked to assault the east side. 

The attack began with the Russians inflicting heavy damage on the British holding the central hill, eventually forcing them off the crest and allowing the Pathans to contest it. They also probed towards the house but a gun on the top prevent them getting too close.   

A series of attacks was made against the eastern defences, which were overrun. The Pathans could not however keep their units there unpinned due to supporting British fire.   

The final result was a British win as the Pathans lacked the numbers to hold any of the objectives despite causing plenty of damage to the Imperials. Perhaps this larger game may have been closer with the Brits only getting 18 points a side?


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