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Saturday 5 August 2023

North West Frontier - Malakand Rising, week 2

Having weathered the initial attack the British set about recapturing various parts  of the camp overrun by Pathans. With the senior  officers still out of command it was left to various junior officers to launch local counter attacks. We model that here as the Brits seek to take and hold the Bazaar and Commissaries Offices. 

Table #1; 1vs1

On this table the British decided not to withdraw to the safety of the buildings but rather to form a defeasible line in some soft cover. 

This led to a period of manoeuvring by the Pathans as they sought to mass their forces ready for a bug push aimed at offering too many targets, When the attack came it was initially unsuccessful with several units getting pinned and the attack looking bogged down. 

The tide turned in a single move though with two British units getting pinned and the Pathans  seizing their chance to attack. Within 2 more turns the British were all but destroyed and forced to retreat from the table. So a sudden collapse leading to a  Pathan Win against the run of play.   

Table #2; 2 vs 2

On the larger table the British adopted more of mixed strategy, leaving some troops to delay the enemy while the rest made for the buildings. 

The Russians formed a firing line looking to inflict damage on the restreeting British while the Pathans  moved though cover looking for a way to close the range. They then switched approach and moved around the eastern flank. Not depicted was a brief death ride by some Cossacks who dissolved under heavy fire.   

The British on the east side found themselves overmatched as they faced all the Pathans and half the Russians. They were pushed out f the Commissary offices and the Bazaar, forcing them to fall back to the west in search of help from their colleagues. 

The game ended with both sides occupying one of the buildings but with the Pathans having slightly higher losses. Narrow British Win.

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