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Saturday 1 July 2023

North West Frontier - Black Mountain Expedition game 1

For the first game of our NWF game we played a scenario where the British were ambushed on their way to Afghan border as they approached Chitabat Ridge. The Brits were in column on a winding track through a mountainous pass when the ambush was sprung.

The Pathans deployed large formations to the front and rear of the British column while the Russians occupied some high ground on the southern side of the pass.   

Rather than form a traditional square the British looked to advance in the hopes of outpacing the Pathan force to their rear. 

As the British advanced the Russians poured fire into their ranks and were able to cause some damage but not sufficient to pin the British, who were in turn causing damage to the Pathans to their front.

The British plan seemed to be working as the pursing Pathans stalled for a turn through poor motivation and some pins being caused by British fire. At this crucial juncture the Russians finely join the party with some accurate fire destroying a British gun and pinning a couple of units. 

Thus pinned a couple of British units got swallowed-up by the newly resurgent Pathans and were roughly handled. At this point the British were too far behind to catch-up and so a Pathan win was declared. Becoming pinned for the British was a big issue - it stopped them shooting the approaching Pathans and meant they fought and half strength.   


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