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Sunday 9 July 2023

North West Frontier - week 2, action at Kotaki

In this weeks game the British were on the attack seeking to capture the village of Kotaki and the near-by high ground. The British had a 1/3 points advantage in this scenario, which was based on Take the high road. We played large version (3 vs 3) and a small version (1 vs 1)

Large table 

The Pathans deployed the bulk of their units in and around the village, with the Russians occupying the high ground and the sanger that formed the objective there.  The British were fearful of the Russian shooting so deployed 2/3 of their troops to attack the village and 1/3 to work around the hill through the cover.  

Russians holding the hill top

British flanking force

The British advanced on the village fairly unhindered by the Pathans, while the Russians waited for the British flanking force. First to break cover on the flank were some cavalry who were no doubt surprised by the strength of the Russian fire which quickly reduced them to 1 figure.    

British main effort

As the British approached the village a few well timed Pathan charges badly mauled one unit and forced the others to spend time clearing out the surrounds of the village. The flanking force became bogged down by the rough terrain and Russian artillery fire and so caused little threat to the hill top. 

British close in

On the crucial action of the game the British were in position on the edge of the village with 2 turns left and decided to charge a unit of pinned Pathans in the objective-holding house. Some good rolls from the defenders left them losing the combat 6-2 and so snuffed out the British main hope of victory. so a Pathan win with them holding both objectives and fairly light casualties.     

Small table

With only a single objective on this table the Pathans chose to deploy a mix of troops in the building and on the hill with cavalry on one flank. The British opted to go straight up the middle with support from the artillery.        

The British advanced cautiously engaging Pathan targets as they appeared and causing heavy damage to the native forces. This game too saw the British approaching the house with about 2 turns left. On this table they opted to shoot but were unable to shift the stubborn Pathans. This too was a Pathan win but a close one due to the casualty imbalance   

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