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Sunday 23 July 2023

The accidental Swedes

Some projects are planned and some just happen, and this is definitely the later. Some years ago I acquired some leftover 18th century figures and for some reason decided to paint them Swedes. They had few outings in Christmas games of Beneath the Lilly Banners. 

Earlier this year I got some surplus cavalry and made them up to two squadrons worth. I've not been tempted to expand the force into a full brigade of infantry and one of cavalry.  The figures are a mixed bag with some Warlord plastics, some Front Rank and some I can nt be sure of. The older infantry uniforms will do for the provincial regiments and there is one more to paint, making it four in total.

I have a battalion gun and a heavy gun to be painted 

There are also two squadrons of horse with plans at least for a second regiment.

I may look to add some light infantry as intriguingly the Swedes fielded a company dressed as Hussars but armed with Rifles.


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