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Saturday 24 June 2023

North West Frontier practice game

As the weather gets hotter it seems apt to be doing some Colonial gaming. So for the next month or so well be gaming the North West Frontier using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules (TMWWBK) - they are very similar to the Rebels and Patriots we played recently so only a small learning curve.  We plan to play one of the punitive expeditions the British sent into Afghanistan in the 1880s to stop the cross border raids. 

In a twist on history, and to liven up the games, we'll be using Russian units to support the Afghan units as they seek to dabble in British affairs.

Our first game was a quick practice run before we start the main action and had both sides seeking to march across the table and scape of the opposite side.


The British forces attacked strongly on their left and quickly crested the large hills across the centre of the board to find themselves facing the Russians. On the right they moved slower, allowing the Pathans to take the high ground.

The Pathans attacked the British  on the right but were beaten back by concentrated fire. On the left the Russians fared better with the artillery proving quite deadly.  

The end result saw neither side get any units off but the British caused the larger number of casualties. For the campaign we'll allow a greater variety of troops and give the Pathan fighters more punch in combat.     

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