Tally Ho!

Saturday 10 June 2023

Take the high ground

 With the campaign concluded we did a one-off game this week using the C S Grant scenarios book. The one chosen was Reinforcements in defence (off table).  All players fielded and infantry brigade plus a light Cav regiment. The attacker had some additional heavy cavalry / guns and 1/3 of the defenders unties arrived down random roads. 

We drew randomly for sides and it worked out as Germans / Austrians / Russians vs Swedes and French. The attacking "ians" deployed in a wide arc with their heavy cavalry massed on their left.  


The defenders deployed along the crest with their cavalry opposite the attackers horse and some light infantry looking to grab a village to the front of their position. 


French and Swedish horse

The Austrians and Russians advanced on the hills while the Germans hung-back, looking to surround the village and pour fire into the Swedish unit there. This was successful in weakening them with the Austrians then assaulting to take the village. 

All this left the Russians unsupported as they attacked the hill alone with their cavalry in a column seeking to outflank the French right. The Russians came under heavy fire from the Swedes and French as they attacked up the hill unsupported. On their right the French attacked the Jagers and Carbineers pushed Russian Cuirassiers, disordering the supporting units.     

Russian attack

French counter

The Austrians were pushed from the village by attacking Swedes, who were themselves ejected by the advancing Germans.  This marked the last major action though as the Russians were spent and Austrians disordered. The victory went to the defenders.  



  1. This a scenario I've tried myself in the past. It gives a good game - my battle was set in the SYW.

  2. Having just done a game in a small scale, it is lovely to see your 28’s parading. We could really do with a revitalisation of the C.S. Grant type / style scenario becoming a thing from a new generation of gamers.