Tally Ho!

Saturday 27 February 2016

Saracens:  28 Glory Points
Crusaders: 28 Glory Points

This weeks two games were "Sausages with Mustard" and "Blood Bath". The Teutonic knights were rested this week as Richard fielded his medieval Scottish for the first time.

Sausages with Mustard - Crusader win (3/1)

In this scenario four caches of supplies are being guarded in the middle of the table by some medieval Scottish. The Saracens attacked from the western table edge, with the remaining Scottish trying to reach them.    

The scots advance, having secured the biscuits!

Scots archers guarding the supplies 
The Saracens made the early running advancing strongly aided by their greater mobility. The infantry zero'ed-in on the archers guarding the supplies while the cavalry flanked the position.

The Saracen centre
As the two sets of archers settled down for a dual ultimately won by the Arabs, there Scots spearmen ground-forward. On the Scots left their cavalry found themselves outnumbered and were soundly beaten. In the centre the Arab horse archers took a heavy toll on the Scots isles-men and managed to rout them.

The cavalry clash

The Isles-men suffer

Arabs close-in for the kill
At this point it looked pretty bad for the Scots. They had lost several units and the Saracens were swarming all over the supply caches. One caches went up in flames but a second refused to light due to damp tinder.

Wargaming is a funny thing though and with the game seeming lost the Scottish staged a come-back as their spearmen finally made it to the conflict zone. They pushed forward relentlessly and ground-down the now depleted Arabs. The Saracens hit army break point with only one cache on fire.
Scots spearmen arrive 

The Saracens crumble
The Scottish are a fairly dour but effective bunch with a solid core of Foot Sergeants and a few more attacking units mixed-in. Their big plus is most of the units are 12 figures so they are pretty resilient. 

Blood Bath - Crusader win (5/0) 

Probably the simplest of the scenarios in the book - just try to kill as many of the enemy as you can and hope to reduce them to half strength. Seeing a chance to adopt their favoured defensive tactics the English formed shallow arc across the table. Very reminiscent of the  Hundred Years War. Fearing an archery duel they could nt win the Arabs advanced smartly all across their front as they attempted to close rapidly with the English.

Agincourt or what

The Saracens attack the flanks

Saracen infantry in the centre
The Saracens launched a fierce attack along the front which met with somewhat unexpected success, chewing-up several of the English units.

The English line - thin brown-ish line in this case

Its all gone wrong for the English 
As with the previous game it seemed pretty bad for the Crusaders but it was another tortoise and hare contest. The two units English foot knights are a very tough nut to crack and they account for almost half the English army points. So despite their strong start the Arabs found themselves slowly whittled away to leave the English the winners. 

The English foot knights hold firm
Once again the English showed that when the scenario allows them to defend they are tough to beat.

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