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Sunday 7 February 2016

Bolt Action - soviet snipers

Image result for jude law enemy at the gates


No soviet army is complete without a couple of snipers so I did some minor conversions to create to create one male and one female. Some sprue was added to create the sights and cloaks from old hankies with some flock for texture. Both figures are from The Plastic Soldier Companies 28mm range.

Image result for Roza Georgiyevna ShaninaThe chap was loosely modelled on Vasily Zaitzev, the legendary sniper ace with upwards of 400 kills. Any reference to the figures plastic nature and the acting in enemy at the gates would of coarse be too scurrilous for this humble Blog.

The lady could be Roza Georgiyevna Shanina , "The terror of east Prussia", another sniper ace with a more modest 60 kills.  She rose to some prominence in the Soviet Union during the mid-60's with the publication of her war diaries.

The Plastic Versions

You long-range sniper you 

Vasily and Roza enjoy a country stroll
Jude Vasily takes aim




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