Tally Ho!

Sunday 21 February 2016

Bolt Action - soviet heavy weapons

After a bit if a surge I've now completed my final soviets for Bolt Action. Last off the painting table are the heavy weapons teams. I've used Plastic Soldier Company figures again - one box of heavy weapons and one of early AT guns.

So this gives me; 2*Maxim MMGs, 2*60mm mortars, 2*82mm mortars, and 2*45mm AT guns. The AT guns actually come with three different barrels; M1937 45mm, M1942 45mm (long barrel) and the M1943 76mm infantry gun. I went with the long-45mm version.

Under Bolt Action you are limited on the support weapons, so I have enough for two platoons.

Maxim MMG

Commissar and helper


The completed weapons teams 

AT guns in cover
My favourites are the AT guns, not least because you get some additional bits to decorate the base such as shell casings. So a couple of additional shots of those two. I hope PSC get around to producing some additional artillery in 28mm and perhaps expanding the range to include Germans.
M1942 45mm AT guns

Reverse view

So there we have it - the soviets are now completed. I can now return my attentions to completing my Ancients armies which have been languishing for a few months.




  1. There are some lovely models about of Katyusha Rockets. Mind you ant sensible skirmish rules would have the minimum range somewhat bigger then the table

  2. http://silverhawkauthor.com/images/site_graphics/Artillery/Possibly_Mac-Pap_soldiers_Soviet_MG_Spain_ca_1938._MIKAN_No._3719788.jpg

    Good pic of the Russian Maxim with men for scale, albeit Spanish lefties for scale!

  3. It is somewhat larger and taller than the PSC version.