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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Lion Rampant Campaign - Week 5 AAR

Campaign Standings

Saracens: 19 Glory Points
Crusaders: 18 Glory Points

Just a single battle this week, featuring the English and the Saracens. We played the Blood feud with the English in defence.

 The Blood feud - English win, 3 points

On paper this scenario really suited the English - the objective was for the Saracens to kill the English commander. With lots of archers / sergeants and a foot men-at-arms leader the English formed a strong defensive position on a hill.  The Saracens set out to clear away the English archers and then use their own missile troops to wear-down the men-at-arms.

The Saracens advance boldly on the English position

Saracen horse flanking the hill

The early exchanges were dominated by the English archers. Poor movement dice meant they could focus on one unit at a time so both Arab spearman units perished in a hail of arrows. So the Saracens focused on the longbow men and a combination of horse archers and mounted charges managed to clear them away, but at some cost to the Arab horse. 

Arab horse position for the charge
At this point the English commander had to leave, something about having a pig roasting at home, so I reverted to solo play. The IGOUGO and random movement made it fairly straight forward and I followed the English plan of a skulking leader but everyone else attacking.

Pesky archers cleared away

Assassins bear-down on the English
The next phase saw a bruising melee in the centre. The Arab fierce-foot surged forward and mauled some English spearmen and the Saracen horse finished-off the last of the archers.  In return the foot men-at-arms caught some Arab horse archers and annihilated them, whilst the English leader attacked some weakened Saracen  horse. Honours reasonably  even

Catch me if you can
Oh - seems you can

Take that archers!

Take that Saracens !
Following punch and counter punch both sides were weakened. The potential battle winner though was that the undamaged Arab foot archers were now in position. Two English units were zeroing-in but they had time to shoot both. Clearly something was amiss with the arrows though, as two rounds of shooting led to no casualties.   I declared the English the winners as the Saracens simply lacked the strength to hurt them with most units below half strength.  

Pincer movement

King of the hill
A fun game to complete and certainly the Saracens had a chance to win until the foot archers failed so badly.


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