Tally Ho!

Friday 8 January 2016

Bolt Action Russians

The last of my Christmas painting burst is my initial batch of 28mm Russians for Bolt Action. I'd gone to Warfare in Reading intent on buying some Carthaginians to complete my Punic force but none were available ;-(

A Wargamer and pocket of cash is a thing soon parted, so I ended-up being tempted by a club mate into buying something that could me mown-down by his Fallschirmj√§ger. So I went for a few boxes of the Plastic Solider Company Soviets. To be exact one box each of the infantry, heavy weapons, and AT guns - a tidy if somewhat defence force.

28mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform

28mm Russian 45mm Anti Tank Gun

28mm Russian Heavy Weapons

The lovely folks at Caliver Books did me a decent deal on the figures so I went away a happy chap. First off the blocks are couple of infantry squads.

The LMG squad - 6 rifles and 2 LMG teams

One of the LMG teams


A few of the Ivan's in the ruins of Stalingrad

More rubble

Drafty in here
 I've managed to produced  fairly large amount of ruined buildings during the holidays using my favoured foam core. I have enough for a fairly packed 6' x 4' table.  I will do a later blog on that now I have a few figures to decorate it


  1. They seem to have the wrong camouflage on their bases for street fighting!

    I'm being tempted by Bolt Action - how do you rate the rules?

    1. Basing is really tricky, so I took the bet we'll mostly be in open country. TBH we're still collecting so have nt played yet, but on a read-through they seem pretty simple.