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Sunday 26 March 2023

Something old, something new....

Having painted quite a few historical units recently I've switched to some Scifi skirmish. These chaps are the Enforcers faction from Mantic's Deadzone rules - small unit action in futuristic BUAs. for those not into Scifi I think the rules could work for Stalingrad games so thats a future option.  

The Enforcers are a human faction that's all about superhuman power-armed dudes in classic space marine mode. The Peacekeepers are the most heavily armoured and generally favour ranged attacks.

Peacekeepers with additional armour

Heavy weapons peacekeepers

Peacekeeper leader

The Operatives are more lightly armoured but still well protected compared to many units

Operative Leader and Sniper

Operatives with melee weapons

Operatives with rifles - your bog standard chaps 

Operatives with heavy weapons

Finally for this batch the D.O.G. weapons platform. 

This is an OLD idea (space marines), a NEW rule set (Deadzone), the figures are "BARROWED" (donated by my brother) and they are painted BLUE. 


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