Tally Ho!

Saturday 25 March 2023

Leipzig, 16th Oct 1813 - Wachau, Markkleeburg & Dolitz

The first game of the campaign was on the central front at Wachau, Markkleeburg and Doltiz. The Coalition were attacking with neither side having allocated any reinforcements.

The Grand ArmeĆ© fielded one cavalry and 5 infantry brigades facing off against 2 cavalry and 4 infantry for The Coalition. The GA started in defensive positions across the three villages with a guards brigade holding the centre.    

Germans opposite the allied right

The Young Guard in the centre  

French on the allied left

The allies deployed with Austrians in the centre and Prussians / Russians on each wing. The Prussians cavalry deployed across the river, placing them behind the flank of the German defenders.  

The Allies attacked on the wings with Russian infantry pushing forward on the left whilst the Prussian cavalry crossed the river to put pressure on the Germans and stop them reinforcing the village to their front.   

Prussians approach the German held village

Centrally the Austrians advanced cautiously and became involved in tussle with the French cavalry. Meanwhile the Prussians quickly took the village on the right flank and their cavalry pushed back the shaken German infantry with help from the Austrian lights. 

Russians making progress

On the left the Russians crunched into the French defenders and were able to send them backwards allowing the capture of a second village. With both flanks lost and losses over 50% the Grand ArmeĆ© was forced to retreat. So game 1 is Coalition Victory.    




  1. That's me with the jazzy pullover. Those bloody Russians wouldn't stop coming. Who had the daft idea of making them superior for motivation!?

    1. We went with the slightly downgraded version so only 2/3 as superior morale ;-)