Tally Ho!

Saturday 16 May 2020

Roy's islation painting - 15 & 20 mm.

Club member Roy has been busy with painting and basing over the last few weeks. The fruits of his labours are below.

Imperial Roman

 Someone else’s good painting, my basing, a Praetorian cohort and a legionary unit

Old Garrison Greeks

Bought off eBay I had to add a couple to make two Armati units. Good enough for  Ionians in the Persian army with their short spears.

Hinton Hunt Compatible and Garrison Slinger - 20mm

Mostly my painting, though not the slingers. Quick to finish off...well thought it would be quick and easy to base. Suitable for bulking out the hoplites if its Mantinea next Battle Day but one.

Armati Sarmatian Army

Had these on too big horses from Ebay so got some smaller horses, painted them, respeared and repainted the cavalry, converted and painted a bit on the horse archers minifig S range I think .  Got the dracos from Newline. Does enough for the standard Armati 75point army.

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