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Monday 18 May 2020

20mm Renaissance

Nigel has been out on the Eastern Front again for some 20mm adventures

"Hi folks

Been playing renaissance on the east Front with Polish troops versus Russian. All those Winged Hussars against streltsy with musket and berdische axes. Scenario was Polish army trying to force their way across two bridges defended by Russians and Cossacks. used Black Powder/Pike and Shotte variant with 20mm figures (mostly Zvezda). Poles consisted of Winged Hussars, Pancerni cavalry, Haiduk infantry and ‘German ‘pike and shot."

I've also been looking at this ear and have now ordered some Janissaries to start painting. A little research shows that Wargames Atlantic now have an Afghan set that I think should work well for the Azab units.

Afghan Warriors

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  1. Wargames Atlantic are worth keeping an eye on as you can never tell what they will release next, they have ancient Persians and Giant Spider boxes in the works at the moment, and Boxer Rebellion troops