Tally Ho!

Friday 1 May 2020


The lock-down campaign between the Undead and Basilea (defo not Byzantium) this week was fought with the Raze scenario. In this scenario both players place objectives in the enemy half and their is one in the centre. You can only capture objectives in the enemies half but can contest ones ion your own. Captured objectives are removed allowing you to move on, but the central ones stays in place to the end of the game.

Both sides stacked their objectives on their left with mobile units lined-up to capture them. The Undead went for a strong centre of Mummies, Vampires and elite skeletons. The Vampires were slightly recessed so that the main Basilean hammer units could not reach them on their wider bases.      

Undead centre

The Basileans were able to attack on their left more rapidly than the Undead and so within 3 turns they had cleared the flank and captured their three objectives. This put them about a turn ahead of the slower moving Undead.  

Basilean left

Undead left

Centrally the Undead centre crunched into the Basileans and were able to establish a dominance due to the nasty Vampires who are one of the best Infantry units in the game.  

Mummies get stuck in to the Ogre Palace Guards

With the Basileans centre wilting the cavalry arrived in the nick of time and were able to destroy several key units of Undead including the feared Vampires. As we entered turn 6 it was 3 all with all to play for in the centre.

Crucially the Basileans were able to throw enough units ion the way of the Undead to prevent them contesting the central objective. So it was a 4-3 win for the Basileans, but a hard-fought one. The key factor was their higher speed allowing them clear their left and arrive in the centre a turn ahead of the Undead

MVP was the Knights who destroyed 2 units of skeletons, one of Vampires and captured the final objective.    

So in campaign the Undead remain as before having captured 3 territories.  



  1. Interesting way that Sam has used his units instead of having traditional chaff to block charges.

  2. Yeap I think some 40K ideas are bleeding across