Tally Ho!

Sunday 16 December 2018

Vanguard - Basiliean booster

Following hot on the heals of the basic warband is the booster set from Mantic Games.

The set gives you additional major characters in the form of the Ogre Palace Guard, the Abbess, and the Dominator.

Booster set
The Ogre Palace Guard is the only monster is the Basilean army and gives you a hard-hitting melee fighter with 3 wounds, for about 30 points. He's a popular addition to many warbands.  

 The Abbess is also a melee characters with the once-per-game ability to clear all activations from 3 models and give them a second round. Highly situational and at 44 point costly, but it could change the game if used well. She also adds command dice.  

Finally the Dominator is another melee character with ability to boost his crushing strength to take on heavily armoured opponents. He also adds command dice. At 41 points he's cheaper than the Abbess and easier to use.

 All three models are made from a softish grey resin. Some care is needed with the arms on the Abbess and Dominator to get the orientation right but otherwise they are quick to assemble.


  1. I was expecting the Ogre to tower over the others, is he more squat or are all three pretty tall compared to the rank and file troops ?

  2. He's about 20% taller than the Grunts and much heftier