Tally Ho!

Sunday 9 December 2018

Vanguard - Basilean Warband

Following a little burst of painting, the basic units for my Basilean warband are now completed. All are taken from the Mantic basic warband box.

First up are the 10 Grunts who are the cannon-fodder elements. I have modelled these are 4 * Crossbows, 4 * Spears, and 2 * Swordsmen. Cheap and cheerful, they can unlock the better units.
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Secondly we have the Sisterhood, various types of warrior-nuns. Three are depicted as Scouts armed with bows. I also have two Warriors and a Veteran Warrior, all armed with melee weapons. All are lightly armoured but quick and hard-hitting. The Veteran adds command dice.

The command options presented in the basic force are the Sergeants and Veteran Sergeant. All are resilient and add command dice as well as special group moves.

Next we have the Paladins and Paladin Chaplin. The former are tough troops that take ages to wear-down. The Chaplain provides armoured magical support. The basic box contains no wizard, but anything roughly the correct colour-scheme would do.    

Finally we haver the Gar Panthers. These guys are quick and focus on attack, so need support if they are to last long. They provide the cavalry function for the warband.

All up this must be over 300 points worth, so plenty of flexibility there to go for a quick striking army (Sisters and Panthers) or robust wear-um-down (Paladins and Sergeants)


  1. Looking good Stu, I'm sure the Salamanders will appreciate the Octopus standard. Cannot wait to see the resin specials!