Tally Ho!

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Kings of War Fire Elemental

Christmas gives extra time for painting and I've finished-up a project that's been on the blocks for a couple of months - a Greater Fire Elemental from Mantic games. The figure is about 120mm high and comes in Mantic's familiar softish grey resin. Assembly is minimal with just the arms to attach.

I'm not certain whether to ingrate this into my Lizardmen or look to build a Nature army with a range of elemental forces.

Size comparison against a Basilean Paladin
Its a tough hombre with decent melee and breath attacks, but perhaps a little weak with Defence 5+

Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePtsSpecial
    (1) 6 4+ - 5+ 9 -/19 260 Breath Attack (12), Crushing Strength (4), Pathfinder, Piercing (4), Vicious


  1. You may be thinking of Vanguard with the def 5+ being weak, that's pretty good in regular KoW.