Tally Ho!

Sunday 22 April 2018

Lizardmen / Salamander reinforcements for Kings of War

I've had a little rash of basing / finishing off this week so have produced a few more units for my Lizardmen (Salamander) army. All three are hard-hitting units that should chew through their prospective opponents, which looks increasingly likely to be The Herd.

The first are hard-hitting cavalry from Game Workshop. I originally bought these to be a unit of lancer cavalry but the models are so large they have been upgrade to Ancients on Rhinosaurs

The second unit is a Battle Platform, a tough blocking unit, able to withstand considerable punishment from the enemy.  This is a plastic model from Schleich with a homemade howdah decorated with items from the cavalry sprue. At £11 its a bargain.

The final units are two Tyrants hordes - one of the better melee units available in the army.  They are fairly slow but a high defence and Fury special rule means they should get a counter-charge in with any luck. These are also Schleich, this time from the "mini" range. At £2 - £2.50 each they are great value and pretty decent models too.  

I think my favourite so far is the Ancients on Rhinosaurs - its my first batch of new Games Workshop lizardmen and I think the Aztec styling on them works well.


  1. Looking good Stu, should be plenty of space on the table with all these expensive units being fielded.
    Have you made a decision on what the bow-lizards are going to be used as ?

  2. Naiads I think look the easiest fit

    1. If you run a couple of Regiments then that gives you some monster/hero unlocks on either the Trident Realms or Forces of Nature lists, just remember no duplicate hero or monster units on allies