Tally Ho!

Saturday 7 April 2018

A new project - Lizardmen for Kings of War

Over the Easter period I dusted off (literally) some old figures from my first dalliance with Warhammer back in the early 80's. I believe the devotees now call this Oldhammer, and it was mostly a fairly sensible wargame with a few fantasy twists.

A little rebasing and I've produced much of the core infantry needed for a Salamander army in KOW.

The pike men are from an unknown manufacturer, and several tries at Internet searches have failed to throw any light on their origins. I will likely use them as Salamander Primes as at 25mm they look small compared to modern figures. I can field a Horde or 2  Regiments

Secondly I have some archers. These are original Warhammer figures and depicted Karanc's Raiders, one of the regiments-of-renowned range. The KOW Salamander list does nt have these guys but I'm thinking they might work as English longbowmen from the historical version or crossbowmen. I can field 3 Regiments.

Finally a teaser - the Salamanders have a range of monsters available to them, so expect to see more of this chap in future.



  1. Are the pikes on 25mm square bases ? You could use the lizardmen as Naiads in a Forces of Nature army or use the bowmen as Naiad Heartpiercers and ally in from either Trident Realms or Forces of Nature. This of course may mean needing to rebase as the Salamanders are mostly on 25mm square per figure bases rather than 20mm which is more common for most other races.

  2. Currently the standard frontage of 100mm so may need some little sabo-bases or spacers. Witjh all the stuff in the unpainted pile I think I can muster 2500 points and a few options

    1. Maybe look at the Trident Realms list then, the pikemen would make perfect Placoderms, and the archers could be Heartpiercers. They also have a fair few monster options.