Tally Ho!

Sunday 1 April 2018

Irish Saga - a little Easter project

Hay hay its the monk'ies

Following my first game of Saga I've been reviewing my dark ages collection and it looked like I could field a warband of Irish. So this weekend has seen some repairs, retouching and rebasing. If my maths is correct I can field:

1 x Warlord, 2 x Curaidh (champions),  2 x Fianna (hearthguards), 3 x mounted (warlords or champions), 1 x Bonnachts (warriors), 1/2 x Kerns (levy). With the addition of some generic dark ages I can easily field additional Kerns or Bonnachts

2 units of Fianna
Some skirmishers 

Close-up of the Fianna

The other Fianna - gallowglass style

Bonnacht warriors

The mounted - an option you can field

Warlord, champions and a local Saint

The whole collection

I've also got large collections of Arabs and Normans / First Crusade who could be used. These are multi-based for Armati so a little cumbersome for Saga. So with a few spares I've made up some "change" that would allow me to field them without resorting to casualty counters.  

Arabs ready to rock

Norman / Crusader spares

Good to see the pudding-basin making a come back 


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  2. Looking good. Remember that building a warband is done in two stages.
    Step one: spend 6 points, 1 point gets you 4 HG or 8 Warrior or 12 Levy and in the Irish I think 2 champions
    Step two: Organise into units, units need to be between 4 - 12 models and all with the same equipment, apart from heroes who are one model units.