Tally Ho!

Thursday 28 September 2017

Kings of War campaign - game 1

Last weekend I fought the first battle of the a new fantasy campaign over in Bristol - a full account can be found here http://fishpondswargames.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/artefacts-of-kyron-campaign-battle-1.html

I took a few shots of the game below - the light was nt ideal so a few rather dark - lets call it moody and pretend that's what I intended.

The army is themed around fantasy Arabians - its core is an Islamic force I'm building for the Crusades but supplemented by some flying carpets and a Mamakil from Lord of the Rings. Somewhat to my surprise the army was victorious on it first outing, breaking my 100% losing streak for Kings of War.

Mamakil preceded by some disposable infantry and with carpets in support

Mounted sergeants charge elfish lizard riders - against the odds they won this fight

Mamakil attacks! moments later its Mamakil dies horribly ;-(

Genie supports the archers

Arabian heavy foot holds the centre

Sergeants still slogging away

The final move where I clinched victory


  1. Impressive looking army - what happened to the flying carpet squadron?

  2. They died pretty early but can be seen next to the elephant in picture 1