Tally Ho!

Sunday 17 September 2017

28mm Arab heavy cavalry

My current painting project is preparing both Islamic and Crusader armies for a forthcoming Armati campaign later at some point later in the year. Armati has the option to dismount your heavy cavalry to bolster the infantry line.
Arab heavies from Gripping Beast with replacement wire spears

So with that in mind I've done some kit-bashing to produce a dismounted unit. I've taken the bodies from the Gripping Beast plastic infantry and replaced them with the torso, arms, and head from their heavy cavalry kit.

Its only a flesh wound 

The completed models

Front view of the dismounted cavalry

Rear view showing the armour better
I'm pretty pleased with the end result and the final look of the unit - a good addition to the growing Islamic forces. I'm considering producing another unit as either heavy infantry or dismounted cavalry.


  1. They seem to have doubled in number since they dismounted - ah, the mystery of the east!

  2. An odd quirk of Armati I guess that HC dismount as FT and so fill-out, unless Lewisgunner tells me I based um wrong. Maybe they brought some grooms along to hold the horses?