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Saturday 23 September 2017

Forward, Victory is near - WWII campaign week 1

The first game of the campaign featured an encounter battle for the northern-most river crossing, as both sides sought to capture the neutral ground between their battle lines. A central river dominates the board with 2 bridges crossing and open farm-land on both banks. For those able to withstand the enemies fire there was the possibility of finding an unmarked ford.

View from the Russian left

View from the Russian right
Both sides chose a similar set of reinforcements selecting armour and a medium mortar section. The cheaper Russian tank enabled them to also purchase a medium AT gun.

The Battle

The Russians won the initiative and quickly deployed about half their troops. The T34 hull-down covering the western bridge, the AT gun the central bridge and weapons teams covering the fields within the Germans deployment zone. The Germans were more cautious deploying their AOP an a few infantry teams but holding most of their troops off table. 
T-34 goes hull-down

Russian base-of-fire

AT and infantry in the centre

Germans begin their build-up in the eastern fields

Germans near the western bridge

The Germans slowly built-up their forces in a field on the eastern side of the table. Meanwhile the Russians laid-down heavy fire against the Germans deployed near the western bridge, catching them in the cross fire of several infantry and heavy weapons teams. This began to whittle away these troops and also allowed the Russians to manoeuvre infantry onto their side of the bridges.  

The German build-up continues 

Russians move against the western bridge 

Germans suffering near the western bridge

With the Russians well placed the Germans were forced into a more aggressive mode - deploying the Tiger and pushing forward with the bulk of their infantry still hiding in the eastern-most fields. The German infantry fire provided fairly ineffective against the well entrenched Russians and critically the Tiger was brewed-up by the combined fire of the T-34 and AT gun.

Tiger Tiger burning bright

View from the T-34s ridge

Germans advance at last

With the Germans armour destroyed and much of their infantry pinned or damaged the game came to an end, with the Russians in control of both bridges.

There be Russians

The Verdict

A good win for the Russians and the early deployment of their main forces perhaps help them seize the initiative in the game. We decided that artillery fire was perhaps too accurate with little chance of mishaps so may try D10 vs D6 for the fall of shot dicing.

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